What Is a Mind Body Spirit Detox?

We’ve all heard about juice fasting, raw foods, colonics and the body detox.So what’s a Mental or Spiritual Detox?Detox is a strange phrase to use really for the mind and spirit. Detox is used more commonly with a physical cleanse, to purify the body of accumulated wastes and toxins we consume so our body functions better and we feel more alive and energised.When we talk about a mental or spiritual detox we are really talking about our life. What we’ve been experiencing in our lives, how well we have digested it, how much of the past is still hanging around in our system and effecting our mental and spiritual wellbeing. We may not even be consciously aware of what events in the past are causing us to think and behave in certain ways.A mental and spiritual detox is therefore about cleansing our energy system, releasing emotions and stress past and present which is held as blockages in our human energy system, stopping its healthy functioning of feeling alive, bright, happy, free and loving life, the way we are meant to be feeling.My favourite tools for unblocking and cleansing our energy system of the stuck energies of life are EFT and EmoTrance. With EFT we tap acupressure points until all that energy releases and our distress old or new melts away leaving inner calm and relaxation. With EmoTrance we pay attention to the physical feelings on the body and we ‘soften and flow’ them away with our intention and healing hands.Having been a Colonic Therapist and Master Herbalist for several years I have understood well how physical blockage can cause physical health problems and that natural healing is about getting the body processes flowing again and putting the right fuel in. Basically, the right nutrition plus removing blockages to create flow allows the body to heal itself.As a practitioner in energy psychology I see it’s the same process. We simply find where our energy is blocked, accessing this by our disturbing emotions and feelings about life, and we simply help the energy to flow and release to feel the good feelings about life.Physically or spiritually…. and mentally it’s all about plumbing! It’s all about restoring the flow and putting good nutrition into the system.Physically that’s the food we eat. Spiritually, that’s the life we are living.So what’s the best fuel?Physically its fresh fruits and vegetables, and natural wholefoods.Spiritually its people, relationships, our work, nature, life and love, love being the ultimate superfood for the soul!So, our healing retreats are all about cleansing out the old, creating flow within, and putting great fuel into our system….not just for the physical you, but for the whole you.Such a simple recipe for health and happiness! It works and we do it on our detox healing retreats in Egypt and the UK!

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